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Minnesota is a state of innovation, where aerospace and aviation have fueled pioneering exploration, discovery, and creativity shaping our past, present and future. AirSpace Minnesota was formed to celebrate this legacy and help nurture learners to become the next generation of innovators and inventors.

This region has played a major role in developing individual and institutional innovation capacity, from the early days of powered flight through the development of the manned space flight program. What contribution will we make to the next era of exploration?

Kennedy and Bob Gilruth

Unsung Heroes - Robert Gilruth (10.8.1913 – 8.17.2000)

“Going to the moon will take new rocket technology, and if you want to do that, I think our country could probably win because we’d both have to start from scratch.” (Minnesota Native Robert Gilruth, Father of America's Human Space Flight program, to President John F. Kennedy, referring to the Soviet Union in 1961.)

Gilruth Tribute prepared for Mr. Gilruth's induction into the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame.

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