Join the Hub Leader Network

As AirSpace Minnesota works to get resources for the Holman Field renovation and installation, getting the word out to everyone who may be interested in the mission to commemorate, educate and innovate is key.  To help grow the community of support, AirSpace Minnesota Go Boldly Ambassadors Brad Johnson of The Nerdery and Steve Bruss, Wings Insurance, are launching a Hub Leader Network.  A hub leader will act as the local AirSpace Minnesota go-to contact and evangelist for their group or geography.  The “hub” may be a local airport community, alumni or retiree group, employer, or other social/professional group.  A hub may have co-leaders who work together.

Kjersti Kittelson – First Hub Leader

“One of the things we hope to build with the Hub Leader program is a network of like-minded people around the region who will also enjoy getting to know each other,” said Brad.  “We envision having social experiences that are unique for this group as we work together toward our mission of celebrating our legacy, showcasing today’s role models and helping young people navigate a brighter future.  To that end, I am thrilled to announce that our first Hub Leader is Kjersti Kittelson.” 

Kjersti is a leading advocate for engaging female youth in aviation.  As the founder of the successful Girls in Aviation annual experience at Air Lake Airport, she helps bring a new generation of pilots and aviators into the fold.  In addition to her leadership with Girls in Aviation, Kjersti is a Certified Flight Instructor for both primary and seaplane ratings.  Kjersti will be the Hub Leader for the aviation community at Lakeville's Air Lake Airport, an active and important field in the Minneapolis St. Paul area reliever network. 

“It is exciting to see what AirSpace Minnesota is doing to engage the community around aviation and aerospace,” said Kjersti.  “Having an air & space center will educate, raise awareness and open opportunities that may not otherwise be known to youth in the area. I am grateful to be part of such a unique experience and I look forward to seeing AirSpace Minnesota and the Hub program grow.”


If you are interested in the Hub Leader program, and would like to find out how to get involved, please contact Brad Johnson at  Additional details about Hub Leader activities and responsibilities will be released in the coming months.